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What is Bowen?

BOWEN is a very effective therapy for treating a wide range of structural and functional imbalances. It simply and naturally stimulates the body to heal itself and tackles the root cause of the problem. Bowen treats the whole body, rebalancing where ever necessary. Bowen moves consist of light pressure applied to specific areas with a gently rolling action over the soft tissue.

The moves are made on very precise junctions of muscle, ligaments and bone, of nerve pathways, of blood and lymph circulation facilitators and of energy flow. Bowen works on the fascia, which is a fine transparent membrane surrounding and interconnecting all body tissue. This membrane covers every organ, blood vessel, muscle, bone and nerve. The fascia should be loose, and mobile. This allows unrestricted movement between parts of the body and the free flow of bodily fluids, thus hydrating the fascia, which must be moist to remain flexible.

Injury or stress can result in a hardening of the fascia thus restricting the aforementioned free flow. Internal problems in the fascia may result in contracted muscles, which can cause skeletal misalignment. This tightening of the fascia can also restrict lymphatic drainage, leading to a build up of toxins, poor blood supply or trapped nerves.

The rolling action over the tissue stimulates a range of responses. It interrupts the communication between that area and the body's central nervous system, causing the brain to pay greater attention to that site and thus "remember" to heal it. It encourages blood and thus oxygen to re-enter the affected area - damaged tissue will often be dehydrated so the sleeve like element surrounding the tissue becomes sticky, preventing blood from entering the area.

Does it work?
Some startling results are being seen with the Bowen Technique in both humans and animals. It is showing good success with competitive horses & riders, who are under constant physical stress.

When do I need to have Bowen ?
The Technique can be used simply as a body balance, for yourself, your horse, or your pet, to promote Good Health or it can be used to address specific problems, or to ensure optimum performance levels.

History of the Bowen Technique
The late Thomas Ambrose Bowen developed the technique in his clinic in Victoria, Australia in the mid 1900s. Although never medically trained - he left school at 14 and became a keen sportsman alongside his labouring jobs - he is said to have had an incredible gift for reading bodies, finding imbalances, identifying their origin, and providing treatment to address them.

The Bowen Technique was introduced to the UK in 1992, by Englishman Julian Baker, who had himself been treated and then trained in the technique in Australia. A Daily Mail article, published in 1994, brought Bowen to the masses, leading Julian and his wife, Louise, to set up the European College of Bowen Studies.

Tom Bowen included horses in his patient list although the first Equine Bowen Therapy training course was not run in Britain until 2000.