Human – Cancer

I have been fortunate enough to be asked by a number of people to assist them in dealing with cancer. Here are 3 examples where I think I have helped them to improve their situation. Bowen is not a cure for cancer. It is a means to help the body get back into balance. It helps clients to feel well, and particularly when it is combined with Nutritional therapy and some help with keeping attitude positive / focussed on health, it is my opinion that it can make a big difference to the long term outlook for the people who find themselves in this situation. 

Client A – A was diagnosed with Hodgkins (cancer of the Lymphatic system) in her late twenties. When I met her initially she was undergoing Chemotherapy and was quite scared about the whole situation.
I treated her throughout the Chemotherapy, the priority being on supporting the Lymph system which appeared to be quite challenged. I advised her on some changes she could make to nutrition and lifestyle which would help her and where she could find more information.
Several years on she is in good health and made some significant changes to improve her life. She has occasional treatments to keep her in good shape.

Client B – B was diagnosed with ColoRectal cancer and was advised that he would require radiotherapy initially to shrink the tumor, then Chemo therapy to address broader issues in the body, followed by surgery to remove the colon.
I provided him with guidance on changes to make to nutrition, environment and lifestyle to minimise the impact of the treatment on his life and enable him to continue to work at least at some level. I also provided references on where he could find more information which would provide further guidance on nutrition. During his treatment his consultants were amazed at how well he was responding and how fast the tumor appeared to be shrinking. When it came to the surgery they were surprised at how small the tumor had become. Also the recovery rate following surgery was exceptional. This client returned to full time work soon after surgery and is very pleased with the support I was able to give him.

Client C – Client C was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in her early thirties. As soon as she received the diagnosis she signed up with a nutritionist in an attempt to get herself back into a healthy state in the shortest possible timescale. The nutritionist recommended some additional therapy to help stimulate the lymphatic system and to help the body cope with the toxic load caused by Chemotherapy. She received regular treatments through this period and was able to lead a very active lifestyle despite the treatment regime she was dealing with.
She is now very healthy and receives regular treatments to ensure she stays that way.