I started treating K in August when he was suffering badly from Hayfever. During the first treatment we discussed hydration (water intake should be minimum 2 litres per day) and we also discussed some nutritional aspects which may be linked with hayfever. When he returned for his follow up session 10 days later, he reported a worsening of symptoms for the first two days but since then had felt much better and had significantly reduced his intake of anti-histamine.

After three treatments he was able to manage without anti-histamines completely and reported only mild symptoms occurring occasionally. In addition he reported a significant improvement in his health and energy levels. Periodic treatments were given through the winter. The following spring, four treatments were given at weekly intervals through late March and April. After that he had monthly sessions to maintain the level of improvement. K reported that he was able to manage without anti-histamines most of the time. He continues to have periodic sessions to maintain this level of improvement and occasionally needs more frequent sessions if any relapse is noticed.