All Rounder


Leggy was an eventer who has moved on to a less strenuous life style doing all round riding club level activities. I first treated him at age 20 and he was looking quite stiff in his movement. Following 3 bowen sessions he was looking much freer and was doing well in dressage competitions. He competes in Riding Club level horse trials and is generally finding life easier now he has regular bowen sessions. His muscle development has improved and he holds condition more easily.




Spider was finding life quite challenging. He had lost his enthusiasm for work and his rider felt it was a battle to get him going forward. He had also become very worried about being saddled. He was swinging his head from side to side and difficult to shoe on near hind.

Spider had been diagnosed with SacroIlliac issues at age 5 when he had become very stiff behind. At age 6 he had developed "hock" problems. These issues had been treated with medication, rest, and physiotherapy. However the hock problems had recurred, and  medicating the hock joints had become less effective in addressing the stiffness.

Spider's problems most likely arose from having bent legs when he was born. Veterinary intervention on the 2 affected limbs had improved this.

When moving, he was very wide behind, and was pulling himself along with the forehand rather than pushing from behind. After two treatments, Spider was much less grumpy, and was happy to be ridden. He was also picking up his hind feet much more readily. His movement had improved substantially and he appeared to be "floating" in his trot again.

Spider initially had four treatments and has had regular maintenance treatments since.



Jah had an intermittent issue with a hind leg where his stifle appeared to be “popping”. This caused him to stop during a hack and hold his leg up but he seemed ok afterwards. This pattern had occurred on three occasions causing his owner to be concerned.

Jah appeared to have a dipped/weak back which had been the case since the owner purchased him as a youngster. This condition had previously been treated with physiotherapy, and also different saddles had been tried. His back toes scuffed as he was trotting.

After two treatments the owner was much happier with the way her horse was going – he was feeling good when ridden, backing out of the trailer better, and generally more relaxed.

Jah’s poor posture has now gone ! He no longer has a dipped back – he is a beautiful Arab who is moving well and feeling well. His owner has had some challenges with saddles – he has changed shape significantly since he was first treated. Initially Jah had 5 treatments and has had regular maintenance treatments since.

Jah’s rider also had some physical issues which were successfully treated with Bowen.