Human overview

Since Bowen is a holistic approach which treats the person not the condition, there are no limits on what you can treat.

Over the years I have worked with people with many varied issues.

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain are some of the more common issues which people may have.

People often refer to their problems as "wear and tear" or "old age". Most of these problems can be resolved within a few sessions.

I have treated people who have had a range of fractures including spinal fractures.
I have treated people with more complex physiological conditions eg.
ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons.

One of my inspirations for learning Bowen was the impact which you can have on someone who has experienced severe trauma. I have treated people who have been involved in car crashes  or had nasty falls from horses just as soon as the medical staff have indicated that they do not have critical or life threatening injuries.

Bowen can also make a big difference to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Bowen is a small part of the picture here, but I have sufficient experience and background in this area to recommend other appropriate support, and the Bowen work can make a big difference to people's quality of life. Also my training in Neuro Linguistic Programming enables me to work with people to create a greater level of focus on what they need to do to get themselves well.

Our bodies were designed with the ability to heal themselves. Whatever the problem or condition, my role is to help people get their healing capability back on track and get them into a state of better health.

Bowen provides an excellent preventative therapy to help you stay in good shape and stay on top of the challenges life may present you with.