Back pain, neck pain and RSI

Back pain and neck pain

Mrs G had continual back pain which had been present for most of her adult life. This tended to restrict her exercise levels due to the level of pain experienced. She had relatively poor posture with significant lordosis of the lumbar spine.
Within 3 sessions, a substantial reduction in pain levels was reported allowing an increase in levels of exercise. Ongoing regular treatment was given to address the long term postural issue. A gradual reduction in the lordosis was seen over time allowing corresponding increases in exercise levels and much lower levels of pain being observed.

Mr P was suffering from headaches/migraine which meant at times he was unable to work due to requirement for rest when headaches were severe. His work was extremely physical. This pattern had been going on for several years. He had received Chiropractic treatment but this did not resolve the problems. His first treatment identified high levels of tension throughout much of the body but particularly on the right side of neck and back. A few years earlier, Mr P had worked as a fork lift truck driver which meant spending long periods of time looking over his shoulder. Within 3 sessions the neck pain and associated headaches were substantially improved and Mr P was no longer taking time off work to cope with this. However due to the highly physical nature of Mr P’s work he has required maintenance treatments at approximately monthly intervals to ensure that his body stays in a better state and relatively pain free.

Rider L had been suffering from back pain in his right side which had been building up over a period of time. He had previously had Bowen treatment on a periodic basis and was generally in good physical condition. One treatment fully resolved the back pain and L was able to continue riding without further back pain.