What can be treated?

What can Bowen be used to treat?
BOWEN can be used to treat almost anything. It treats the whole body. A list of common conditions which it is used to treat is given below. I have also had success with treating serious illnesses and injuries alongside conventional treatment. It is very effective following a trauma to the body eg. falling off a horse, reducing the resulting pain and speeding up recovery.

Often following some type of injury, people or horses will continue as normally as they are able to. Their bodies will start to compensate. This may lead to a problem which is totally unrelated to the original injury, which itself can start to cause pain, maybe after a few weeks, or maybe after several years. Bowen can be used to prevent or correct the problems associated with compensating for an injury, as well as ensuring the original injury is fully healed.

This table lists some of the common conditions which have been effectively treated with the Bowen Technique.



Unlevelness, disunited gait or irregular action
Tightness in the neck
Shortened stride
Uneven wear of shoes
Uneven muscle development
Muscle atrophy
Stiffness on one rein/ Canter lead problems
'Cold back' or sore back
Sluggish lymphatic system or weakened immune system.
Change of temperament or deterioration of performance
Respiratory conditions
Behavioural problems due to pain
General stiffness
Undiagnosed lameness

....and many more

Acute/Chronic Back Pain/Sciatica
Shoulder stiffness or pain/Frozen Shoulder
Neck Pain/Restriction/Whiplash
Crookedness or postural problems
Pelvic problems and coccyx injuries
Old injuries
Skin Problems
Stress or stress related conditions
Asthma, Hay fever, Sinusitis
Jaw/Facial Pain
Knee/Ankle/Foot Problems
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel
Sporting injuries
Digestive disorders
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Balance problems