Treating people

All that is required to treat people is a space big enough for my treatment couch and about 45 mins peace and quiet!

Some background information is required before I can get started. Presenting symptoms, medical history and medication information provide important input as does some information on what type of work, hobbies or other activities you do. Visual input such as posture and skin tone also provide useful input for me to assess what may be priority areas.

The treatment format has some similarities to horses in that we treat the person not the condition. We are aiming to restore balance to the whole body, both physical and physiological. If some of the bodies processes are not working correctly the body cannot be in balance. For example, "we are what we absorb" so if your digestion is not working correctly and there is insufficient nutrients to make healthy cells then your body will not be in a position to heal itself.

Based on the whole picture, before, during and after treatment I may make some recommendations on other things which may need to be changed eg. Water intake (2 litres per day minimum !!), nutritional balance, posture and layout of work area (computer users primarily). Also I can recommend some simple exercises to help the body continue with the changes which have been started.

In some cases I would suggest some additional follow-up eg. with a naturopathic nutritionist. Where specific exercises are required then a 1:1 session with an appropriate yoga or pilates instructor may be appropriate.

I don't think there are any limits to what you can treat with Bowen. In some cases you get results quickly. In other cases it takes a bit longer. Even with long term degenerative issues and illnesses, it helps the client to feel well and surely improves their ability to enjoy life.