Show Jumping


OscarOscar started life as a dressage horse and was very stressed when he came to his present owner. He was very cold backed and liked to buck. His "outline" was very fixed - he had learned a certain way of going which he adopted even when walked and trotted in hand. He did not track up in walk and trot and there was limited swing behind.
Initial areas of pain when I treated him were lumbar area, around second neck vertebrae, right hamstring and right side of head/jaw.

By the third session, Oscar was tracking up in walk and trot and had much more swing in his hindquarters. He was still holding his neck in a fairly fixed frame.
When I went back to treat him the fourth time he had won two show jumping classes the day before so was clearly making the most of his newly found freedom to move.
Oscar’s posture had changed significantly and his muscle development over his whole body had improved. He continued to improve through the season with periodic treatment to keep his progress on track. At the start of the season Oscar was competing in British Novice competitions. By the end of the season he had upgraded out of Newcomers classes. He now has occasional treatments to keep him in good shape.

Oscar’s rider has also had Bowen to address shoulder problems and to help get her back in shape following a collar bone injury.