Equine case studies - overview

Over the years I have treated horses with a range of ages, different types, and across different equestrian disciplines.

Horses make great clients for Bowen as they are generally very good at doing all of the things you expect a good bowen client to do. They give you feedback on areas of pain and tension (ears, tail or maybe some other means !), they relax once they have figured out what the treatment is all about, they yawn, scratch, pass wind, lick and chew during treatment indicating when they have experienced a release, and following the treatment they will most often take a drink of water.

Some of the horses which I have treated have conditions such as general stiffness or unlevelness, horses with toxic issues, post viral or chronic fatigue syndrome, choke, soreness through back / Lumbar / Croup area as well as many more specific concerns such as rehabilitation post surgery, injuries incurred during competitions, or problems caused by too much fun in the field. The following case studies include horses which had problems with "Headshaking" and "Kissing Spines". I have multiple examples of treating horses with these conditions who have made excellent progress as a result.

Bowen is an excellent preventative therapy to keep your horse in top condition for any level of work whether that is regular competition or pleasure riding. A minor asymmetry affecting the horse (or the rider) can be addressed effectively with Bowen.

In all cases I have seen a substantial improvement within 3 treatments. Some horses require more than 3 sessions to address the initial concern. Once we have got the horses into a good state, they will receive a maintenance visit on a frequency dependent on how hard they work and what else they get up to.

In conjunction with herbal supplements, horses with sarcoids have been successfully treated. Older horses (and people !) generally respond very well to Bowen and in many cases retired horses are able to return to work.

Horses will benefit from an Equine Bowen Therapy session regardless of their job in life. It improves their health and vitality and enables them to deal with whatever their owner expects of them.