Breeding Stock

Millie"Old Speckled Hen" is an ex-racehorse and ex-eventer who was retired from competition due to a hock injury incurred in the horsebox. She was first treated at age 16 - 3 years after the injury occurred, and 3 months before her second foal was due. She had been leased to a stud as a broodmare, but problems occurred due to bullying by other mares and toxins ingested had caused an acute liver problem that led to loss of condition.

Initial treatments revealed that this horse had basically "shutdown" due to the high levels of pain. Pain in the lumbar area which is associated with liver and kidney meridians was the initial concern, but once this had been dealt with it became clear that the mare had chronic neck pain.

After 5 treatments the mare seemed much more comfortable and condition had improved dramatically.

The day before the foal was due, a "Coccyx procedure" was given. This procedure is known to improve fertility, but should only be given to pregnant mares (or females) when foaling is imminent. The foal was born the following night without any complications.

A further treatment was given the day after foaling to assist the body with recovery from the foaling. The foal was also treated at this point to ensure that if there were any problems caused by position in the womb or the birth process they would be dealt with early.

On return to stud, the mare was in foal after first covering. A few treatments were given through the year and the following years foal was born without any issues.

4 years on from the original hock injury, and 15 months on from initial treatment, the mare is now fully sound, fit and well and will continue to be used as a broodmare.